Funding Digital Wellness and Mental Health.

We invest in extraordinary founders building best-in-class technology or tech-enabled service to improve mental well-being.

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Market Guide 2022

Executive Summary

Youth Wellness & Mental Health: A $26 Billion Opportunity

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Innovation Challenge 2023

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Telosity Mental Health Innovation Challenge

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Executive Summary

Youth Wellness & Mental Health: A $26 Billion Opportunity

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Purpose & Opportunity

Digital wellness is a $4.5T market and mental health has a $6T global economic impact with 970m individuals suffering with mental illness. The US behavioral health market is expected to grow to $132B by 2027. Telosity is a venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed stage startups focused on digital wellness and mental health. At Telosity, we have established a strong platform including industry experts, partners, entrepreneurs and investors to actively support the growth of our portfolio companies.

Increase in the # of teens reporting major depressive symptoms.

Increase of suicidal thoughts or attempts in teens between 2005-2018.

Increase in anxiety diagnoses between 2008 and 2018.

Despite the rise in prevalence and risk, mental health prevention and support services remain stigmatized and inaccessible.

The Approach

We believe thoughtfully designed technology-based tools can create more accessible and equitable ways of improving mental health and well-being.

We are looking for scalable companies led by founders with a deep desire to positively impact the mental health and well-being with a focus on the following categories:

Fostering Positive Online Experiences & Interactions

Digital Wellness

Bolstering Social & Emotional Skills & Positive Behaviors

Sleep, Activity & Nutrition

Increasing Access to Care & Support

Increasing Access to Care & Support to Providers

Improving Mental Health & Well-Being

Improving Mental Health & Well-Being

Portfolio Companies

We invest in Pre-seed and Seed-stage companies with initial evidence of a scalable, for-profit business model and a tenacious, passionate team with complementary experience & skills.

The Platform

The People

We connect portfolio companies with our strategic innovation network, including potential scale partners and investors, to catalyze growth.

Vinaj Ventures Team

Vinaj Ventures Team

Vinaj Ventures propels corporate and philanthropic innovation and investment initiatives.

Luminary Network

Luminary Network

A highly curated and esteemed group of professionals that provide advice on targeted topic areas relevant to their expertise.

Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors

A one-year program for high school and college students interested in technology and improving mental health and well-being among their peers.

The Partner Network

Telosity works with a network of organizations to build the pipeline of potential investment opportunities and provides high-value portfolio support.

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