Gen Z Is Leading the Charge to Change Society’s Perception and Approach to Mental Health Challenges

Research from Telosity by Vinaj Ventures Confirms That Americans Would Use Technology Solutions to Support Their Mental Well Being

REDWOOD CITY, CA – September 30, 2021 – Research from Telosity by Vinaj Ventures, a fund that invests in early-stage companies working to improve mental health and well-being in young people, reveals that 75% of Americans agree that Gen Z cohort is making positive changes in the perception of mental health in society. Gen Z bucks all traditional notions, and stigma around mental health is no different. An overwhelming majority of survey respondents – 84% – agree the cohort is outspoken about their mental health.

The survey also confirms that demand is strong across demographics for tech solutions that help promote youth mental well being.

Gen Z is leading the way in changing perceptions and approaches to promoting mental health well being, and to finding answers to its challenges, the survey confirms. Almost double the percent of Gen Z believe the U.S. should implement changes to health care policies to end mental health stigma, compared to individuals 55 years and older.

Gen Z’s preferred method to care for mental health is connecting with loved ones, i.e., talking to friends (33%), closely followed by being in nature (30.5%). But 78% believe technology offers the ability to connect with others struggling with similar issues for support, while 70% say they value online friends equally to in-person interactions/relationships.

The use of technology is gaining traction among olders Americans as well. Looking across all demographics, the survey reveals that eight out of 10 Americans would incorporate technology into their mental health routine if it helped them achieve their goals.

“With the digital world consuming a big portion of young people's lives, tech-enabled interventions will be an integral part of the solution to increasing their mental well-being,” said Faye Sahai, managing director, Vinaj Ventures. “This is why Telosity by Vinaj Ventures has taken up the mantle of investing in companies with affordable and scalable solutions.”


Telosity by Vinaj Ventures and Propeller Insighters polled more than 1,000 U.S. adults in June across demographics about their perceptions and beliefs on Gen Z’s impact on mental health perceptions, the stigmatization of mental health issues, and the use of technology to help resolve some of the challenges.

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